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  • A hardened convict, strapped down in a medical examination chair, convulses in terror. His scalp and torso are entwined in a mess of wires and sensors and he wears a VR headset.

  • a robot mechanic with cybernetic enhancements

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  • an exterminator that specializes in handling out-of-control, self-replicating robot populations

  • An awkward, scrawny guy is brought nearly to tears by the berating of a fitness app for not meeting his workout goals.

  • A boy teaches his toy robot how to use tools.

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  • a deadly robot with shifting camouflage armor

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  • a robot shields soldiers from weapons fire

  • a construction robot rescues a family from a blazing apartment fire

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  • a space pirate in a heavily armored space suit

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  • a mechanical monstrosity made from junkyard scraps, designed and built by an artificial intelligence

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